Handling A Break up – Getting Over Someone You Love

break upIf you really want to know how to handle a break up and get over someone you love, you must realize that none of the answers here are easy ones. No matter what, braze yourself and start accepting that it is going to be a painful process. Sometimes it is a slow process. Memories may remind you later on in life the pain of the break up but it doesn’t mean that you are not over the person.

If you’ve had a lot emotionally invested into a relationship and it ends, it’s something that can potentially make you feel sad for years. Maybe even for the rest of your life. But, braze yourself and understand that it doesn’t mean that the sadness has to paralyze your life and throw you into depression.

Try getting over the person. It’s hard at this time but you need to occupy your mind with other things, new things that you were interested in before you had your relationship. After a period of time after the loss, you should have come out of it…. and overcome your heartache and sadness.

It’s going to hurt, no matter what you do. But there are some things you can do to lessen the pain. You can remove obvious visual reminders of the person, if possible. Photographs of your relationship should be put away for a while. Gifts he or she gave you should be stored away instead of being displayed.   You can even avoid the places you used to go together for a while.  This tip can be found in pretty much every list that explains how to get over someone you love, so it’s at least a popular idea that’s worth a try.

If you’re really having trouble living your life after the break up, it might be necessary to seek counseling. Simply explain that you’ve just been through a painful break up and ask the counselor how to get over someone you love. They can offer helpful advice, and can be more specific that generic lists about how to get over someone you love.   A counselor can also probably offer better advice than friends or family.

Your friends and family might feel they know your situation too well. Some may have motives for help you get over the person. They might not have liked that you were in the relationship to begin with, so they might want you to get over things or move on to another person too quickly. With a counselor, though, you can safely tell them things about the relationship you probably don’t want friends or family to even know.

There are several counseling hotline for the distraught in relationships… if you need to call.  Or, confide in your mom or dad or even sister or brother.  Grieve if you must but don’t spending too much time dwelling on how to get over someone you love.

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Very few people choose to take action on something when they don’t act on it right away. With that in mind, if you don’t take action right now, will you be in the relationship of your dreams 6 months from now? A year? Will you truly grow from this experience, or will it haunt you in the future?

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