How Can You Tell If Your Ex Still Cares About You?

Have you ever “day-dream” about getting back with your ex or ever thought if he or she is probably still thinking about you and waiting for you to show that little care that will spark off the romance back again?

Hey… he is your ex. What do you expect? Do you really want to get him back… seriously? If you still care for him, it is not wrong to want to let him know. But, before you get too carried away, you need to know if your ex still care about you.

Ladies and gentlemen, you obviously do not want to be seen as desperate! When you have finally decided again to risk it one more time with your ex, remember, you run the risk of getting humiliated or hurt again if things don’t work out for you.

If you desperately need to know whether your ex still cares about you, then read on!

You can know when your ex cares about you if he or she is genuine comfortable with you around and gives you a great deal of attention. Smiles are great signs that he or she is comfortable with you. Actions speak louder than words.

  • Does he go all the way to give you a gift?
  • Does she look at you in the eye whenever she talks to you?
  • Does he make your time together a pleasant and memorable one?
  • Does she not bring up the past or anything negative about you?
  • Does he gives you lot’s of compliments or does he starts to complain and ridicules you?

If he is thoughtful in his actions, and your time with him or her so pleasant that you are looking forward to seeing each other again, then there is a high chance that ex still cares deeply about you. Don’t rush when you are having a great time with your ex. It is easy to rush into a new relationship with your ex and rush out of the relationship again. You want to rekindle that love relationship with your ex and find out as much as possible if he or she feels the same way towards you too.

Being ready for a relationship is not about oneself needs. It also does not mean for you to satisfy a physical or emotional longing within you. If that is the reason to get your ex back, do not as you may get into another mess.

To find out if your ex still cares enough for you, try to get closer without being too obvious. At this stage, there is always a risk that the relationship will not work out and your ex only wants to treat you as a friend. Getting closer may risk pushing him or her away and not closer to you.

Try to get into his or her “personal space”. Gentlemen, if she smiles gratefully, she is comfortable with you. It may means she is comfortable with you entering her personal space as when you still were in a relationship. In other words, this means that she still sees you as a potential boyfriend, rather than an ex, a friend or a stranger.

If that’s the case, then you must use this situation to your advantage to get her back. Armed with this knowledge, you can use a simple technique to nudge your ex towards dating you again.

Ladies, look your best, because most men find women attractive on the outward appearance first. Give words of encouragement to your ex boyfriend to let him know you care. Then wait for him to nudge you towards dating again.

These are some tips in getting back with your ex again. If you have any comments do let me know. Finally, take good care of yourself in your pursuit of love.  God bless.

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